Koutoulas Statement at Capitol Press Conference

A lot of people say the American legal system is broken and that our government doesn't work for the people, but for giant corporations and Wall Street.  And a lot of the time, it seems that those people are right. But, in response to the system failing in MF Global, a handful of volunteer commodity brokers, traders, and farmers like Dean Tofteland, a soybean and hog farmer from Laverne Minnesota, formed the Commodity Customer Coalition. And together, we have taken on a slew of $1,000 dollar an hour bankruptcy lawyers, JPMorgan Chase who received hundreds of millions of dollars of customer funds, and now our political system, and shown that our system can still work to help ordinary American people when we band together for the right reasons.

Today we have almost 30 of our representatives together, taking a stand for the 38,000 MF global customers who are still without over $2 billion dollars of their hard earned property that they trusted to 200 years of law and Jon Corzine to protect. I've heard a lot of cynics dismiss their support as partisan since they're all Republicans. But I can honestly say, that when I've spoken to most of these men and women, I had no idea what party they belonged to, and appealed not to their politics, but to their love for America, the greatest country in the world. Because, make no mistake. Crimes were committed at MF Global. And, these Americans who signed this letter requesting an independent counsel be appointed 6 months after the fact just took the first real steps to showing the world that it doesn't matter if you used to be CEO of Goldman Sachs, and a governor, and a senator, and one of the President's biggest donors that If you commit a crime in America, you will meet justice.

So now I ask who will be the first Democrat to join us and have the courage to stand up and do the right thing, and forget for a minute the divisiveness and partisanship that we will be bombarded with this election year? Who will take a stand for justice and the integrity of the American financial system?

Will it be Gary Ackerman from New York who's retiring and has nothing to lose? Or, Mike Quigley from my home of Chicago or John Garamendi from California who were kind enough to talk with me about MF Global late last night in the hallways of a house office building? Or maybe Heath Shuler, who's a good ole SEC boy from North Carolina? I have no idea who it will be, but I know that someone will prove my faith in my country correct and I can't wait to shake his or her hand.

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