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#PFGBest Customers

Are you a customer of PFGBest? The CCC is working with regulators and monitoring the court on behalf of PFG customers. At this stage, we are advising customers to gather their statements and prepare for a claims or account transfer process.

Stay tuned to our website for more information.

CCC Conference Call Scheduled for Friday August 10, 2012 @ 4 PM EST
The CCC will be hosting a public conference call for customers, brokers and other parties who have an interest in the PFGBest and MF Global bankruptcies. The primary focus of the call will be to discuss legal developments in the PFGBest and MF Global bankruptcies, as well as to discuss recent developments on various reform efforts underway in the industry. We will also detail the Rapid Ratings offering (described below) and take customer questions.

The dial-in info is as follows:

Dial-in Number: 1-712-432-3100
Conference Code: 134556

The call will start at 4 PM EST / 3 PM CST on Friday August 10, 2012.

Rapid Ratings Futures Universe Now Available to CCC
We are pleased to partner with Rapid Ratings to offer our members and friends access to their Futures Universe of ratings for FCMs.Please read the welcome message from Rapid Ratings here. Take note that you must agree to the terms and conditions of the use of this Futures Universe, taking special care that you do not publish its results in any way.

An Incomplete List
One thing you will notice when you sign up is that many popular FCMs are not listed. This is because Rapid Ratings is only able to produce a rating for public firms or private firms who have agreed to be rated and release those ratings to the public. The CCC is in the process of getting various private FCMs to agree to be rated by Rapid Ratings. These ratings will be added to the Futures Universe as we proceed with this process.

It is important to note as we add private FCMs that some will not have rankings which are relevant in the Futures Universe. For example, non-member, non-clearing FCMs—who do not hold any customer funds, but instead have customers deposit funds directly with clearing members—would produce irrelevant rankings based on their balance sheet. It would be more instructive to look at the rankings of their clearing members and counterparties. The CCC will release a database of counterparty relationships in the coming month to help you navigate who does business with whom.

How to Sign Up For an Account:

« Go to the website: and then to Customer Login.

« Both your User Name and Password are your email address at CCC. Entering the platform you will see the terms and conditions that apply to subscribers—and to you. Among the most important is your agreeing NOT to publish the ratings Rapid Ratings makes available to you. Rapid Ratings cannot permit unauthorized publication of information that full subscribers pay them for—such payments are Rapid Ratings’ only source of revenue and your guarantee that Rapid Ratings is free of conflicts of interest.

« Once you have logged on, you can change your password through Update Your Profile.

« After getting past the terms and conditions you will arrive at the Company Reports Page. It will link to a list of Futures Universe Names and Current Ratings. Rapid Ratings plans to alert you promptly to ratings updates, as well.

Read More Information on the Futures Universe in the Rapid Ratings Welcome Letter

Donations Needed
As usual, we include a plea for money! Our ongoing legal, public relations and lobbying campaigns will require additional resources in order for us to see them through to completion.  We need your donations to continue the fight.  Please complete this CCC_donor_information_form and email it to for processing. Donations are accepted via wire transfer, check or PayPal:

Wiring instructions for the CCC:
The Northern Trust Company
50 S. La Salle St
Chicago, IL 60603
ABA # 071000152
SWIFT CODE: CNORUS44 (if foreign)
A/C # 3801078590
A/C Name: Commodity Customer Coalition, Inc.

You can also mail donations to the address below or use PayPal:

Make Checks Payable to "Commodity Customer Coalition, Inc."
Commodity Customer Coalition, Inc.
125 South Wacker Drive, STE 300
Chicago, IL 60606

Thanks to all those who have donated!  Without your support, our work would not be possible.
If you know additional MF Global or PFGBest customers wishing to join the CCC, you may forward them this email and instruct them to sign up for this email list here:   Please emphasize that we would appreciate if they do not call, as we have limited staff to answer phones.  We will also continue to post updates on James’s twitter feed,!/jameskoutoulas, John's Twitter Feed!/BTRTradingGroup and the CCC site: Please help spread the CCC’s message by retweeting tweets issued by@jameskoutoulas and @BTRTradingGroup.

We thank everyone for their support, be it moral, monetary or otherwise!


The CCC Operations Team

#MFGlobal Customers

Are you a customer of MF Global? The CCC formally represents more than 200 clients in the bankruptcy process of MF Global on a pro bono basis, and informally represents thousands more in the public domain.

Get the latest news on #MFGlboal.

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