Contact Congress

We are working to involve Congress and other elected officials to use their offices to help our cause.  In the initial stages, we are asking that members of Congress sign on to a Letter to bankruptcy Judge Martin Glenn which expresses their support for our cause.  As the fallout from MF Global's collapse continues, our efforts will shift to lobbying Congress for regulatory reform to ensure an orderly, transparent process for an FCM bankruptcy becomes law.

To date, we have sent our Letter for support to over 400 Congressional offices and counting.  We need you to join in and reach out to your representatives in Congress so they are aware that their constituents are directly affected by the bankruptcy.

We are asking our members and their clients and affiliates to do the following:

Step 1
Download and Personalize Your Own Letter to Congress

We offer a couple of letters that you can download and edit with your personal information so that you may quickly send a letter to your representatives.  What you download will depend on the method of contact you plan to use (email or fax/US mail).

Downloads for Letters Sent Via Email

Email addresses for representatives are not publicly available.  However, all have a form available on the web which you can use to contact them via email (you can access this form through our contact file below).  These web forms do not permit sending attachments, so it will be necessary for you to copy and paste the content of the letters in text format.  You may download them as text files:

Download these text files, edit them with your personal information where instructed (areas noted with all capital letters) and copy and paste all of the text into the web form.  Please jump to STEP 2 to find out how to find your representatives and locate the web form.

Downloads for Letters Sent via Fax or US Mail

  • Letter to Congress to sign and send a letter of support to Judge Glenn (MS WORD | GOOGLE DOC) - PLEASE EDIT THE HIGHLIGHTED REGIONS ONLY - Be sure to include the Letter for Congress to sign with your correspondence
  • General letter to Congress on how this has affected you and request for support (MS WORD | GOOGLE DOC)  - PLEASE EDIT THE HIGHLIGHTED REGIONS ONLY

Step 2
Locate Your Congressman & Senators

While it will be easy to find your state's representatives to the US Senate, your Congressman could be a bit tricky as congressional districts are redrawn every decade.  If are unsure the exact congressional district in which you live, please enter your 5 digit zip code in the box below and in most cases you can locate your congressman.  In the event you live in a large city or on the border of a congressional district, you will be taken to a page which has a map of all the congressional districts in your zip code.  You can then enter your specific address to find your congressman.

Enter your zip code to find your Congressman:

Once you know who your Congressman is, please download our Congressional contact file below.  It is available in either Microsoft Excel or in Google Documents (which does not require any software to view).  This file is a spreadsheet with two tabs.  The first tab lists the phone and fax numbers for DC offices, links to web based email forms and a link to a profile of every member of Congress with their district office contact information.  The second tab has properly formatted names and address for sending US mail to their DC offices (formatted for mail merge purposes).  You can look up your congressman by state and name.  Contact information for US Senators may also be found in the file.

Excel Contact List | Google Docs Contact List 

Step 3
Send the Letter to Your Congressman & Both US Senators

Send your letter via email, fax or US mail to your Congressman and both US Senators.  If you are sending our letter to ask Congress to sign our letter to Judge Glenn, remember to include the Letter for Congress to sign (text link email | PDF for fax).

Step 4
Call the DC Office of Your Congressman &  Both US Senators

Back up your communication to your representatives with a phone call to their office in Washington, DC.  Your call will be answered by a receptionist.  You should ask to speak with the Congressman or Senator directly.  Likely, you will be unable to speak with them immediately.  Next ask to speak to the Chief of Staff or Legislative Director.  If no one is available to speak with you, leave a message asking for someone to call you back regarding the communication you sent.

Step 5
Call or Visit the District Offices of Your Congressman &  Both US Senators

All of your representatives have district offices near your home.  It may be easier to reach someone in the district office who can relay your message to the representative or someone in the DC office.  Also, if Congress is not in session, the district office is the best way to reach your representative directly.  Call or go visit the district office of your Congressman.  An in-person visit will certainly get relayed to the representative and adds face and a person to associate with your communication.

You can find contact information for the district office near you by clicking on the name of the representative in our contact file (Excel Contact List | Google Docs Contact List).