Contact Media

The CCC is working to keep the story of MF Global's customers at the forefront of the national dialogue.  Our media efforts have been successful in doing so thus far, but we need your help.  As the process drags on, our conundrum becomes old news and our plight moves from the front page to the back page.  We risk being forgotten about.

To keep us fresh in the mind of the press, we encourage you to write letters to the editor of your local paper, second tier papers, internet publications, blogs, cable TV shows, radio talk shows--any outlet which might have an interest in your story.  While it may be difficult to get space the few national papers covering the story, other media outlets might be more approachable.  We have produced a list of contact information for major newspapers broken down by state.  Please download it as follows:

Excel Newspaper Contact List | Google Docs Newspaper Contact List

A Note on the Importance of Local Media to Your Congressional Representative
Congressmen pay very close attention to the articles and letters to the editor in the local papers in their congressional district.  While national papers have struggled with declining distribution in recent years, mid to small market newspapers have seen stable circulation rates because they are often one of the few reliable sources for local news.

Letters to the editor and articles in these publications are more widely read by the target electorate of the congressional district that the publication serves.  Therefore, to aid our effort to enlist the help of Congress, we encourage CCC members and their clients and associates to write letters to the editor, editorials and contact reporters for mid to small market media outlets.  An article in one of these outlets could easily have more impact with that Representative that an editorial in a major newspaper.