The CCC maintains several online resources to assist its members, the media and the general public with the ongoing fallout of the MF Global bankruptcy.  In this section of our site, please find the following:

  • CCC Filings & Legal Docs
    Find the latest filings from the CCC, filings of interest to the CCC from other litigants and links to legal resources
  • Documents
    Find documents generated by the CCC, from White Papers & Memo's, to letters to lists of important contacts.
  • Links
    The CCC has collected links which you may find helpful in navigating the MF Global bankruptcy. These include links to regulators, parties in the court, exchanges, industry associations and more.
  • MFG News
    The CCC has linked several auto-searches to various media outlets to allow our membership to search the latest news quickly. We also maintain several Twitter feeds on which you may find breaking news.
  • Social Media
    The CCC maintains a social media presence for the benefit of its membership.  This includes various Twitter feeds, a Facebook page and a LinkedIN profile.
Also, please read our Overview of our legal and PR campaigns to learn more about what the CCC is doing.