Claims Form Guide

NOTICE to CCC MEMBERS: ALL CUSTOMERS MUST FILE A CLAIM FORM. Otherwise, you risk having all funds and property you received via interim distributions taken back from you. If you have engaged an attorney, including James L. Koutoulas, Esq., you MUST provide your attorney a copy of your completed claim form and proof that you submitted it. Due to the limited resources of the CCC, the CCC cannot review or file individual claims. Claim preparation and filing is the responsibility of each customer.

Susan Osmanski has graciously prepared this claims form guide. Please be advised that this guide was designed as a side-by-side reference for use while filling out the claims form, and is being provided as information only. It does not purport to give legal advice.

You may download the claims form guide here:   Claims Form Guide

Please be advised that this guide is by no means a complete guide to completing the claims form, but it is provided on an informational-only basis to answer some common questions. If you have specific questions about your individual claim, please email and cc The proper preparation of the claims form is your responsibility. Also, please be advised of these additional FAQs from the CME and Trustee:




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